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Our state-of-the-art Dark Web Monitoring platform is designed to detect and alert you to any compromised sensitive information or leaked business credentials on the dark/deep web. With OKTOBOOT, you can take immediate action to protect your business and keep your valuable data safe from cyber attacks.

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Best platform to protect
your sensitive information and business credentials, work and assets!

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    Special alert System

    Allow our clients to receive alerts about any data breach our platform detects in Dark Web.

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    Stay ahead of threats with our vigilant Dark Web monitoring.

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    Scan internet for public sensitive documents leaked.

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    Exposed servers and applications.

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    Discover vulnerabilities in your exposed assets .

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    Enumerates all information leaked about your company and employees.

Detect vulnerabilities before they turn into cyber attacks with our advanced attack surface detection platform.

Our technology scans the internet to identify potential entry points for hackers, giving you real-time alerts and the ability to take immediate action.

  • 20,000,000,000of records
  • 1000+of ressources tracked
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The consequences of cyber threats and data breaches are catastrophic.

Select your plan as your choise,
no need to pay extra money.

Basic Plan
  • Dark Web Leaks Monitoring
  • Telegram Leaks Monitoring
  • Hacking Forums Leaks Monitoring
  • Assets Monitoring
  • 1 Single User
  • Sensitive documents search
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Standard Plan
  • Basic Plan
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Zero day alerts
  • Security Advisories
  • Sectorial alerts
  • Assets Management
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Advance Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Unlimited Users
  • IOC feeds
  • Malware feeds
  • Patch Management
  • Malware Analysis
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